My services are ideal for:

  • Individuals, leaders, and organisations open to having their best thinking challenged.
  • Those willing to embrace different approaches.
  • Parties committed to a challenging but rewarding process of accelerated learning.

My services are not suitable for:

  • Those seeking quick, immediate results.
  • Individuals or groups reluctant to change their behavior.
  • Those requiring remedial assistance.

The investment for continuous coaching and mentoring partnerships is as follows:

  • Impact Accelerator (£4,200 per quarter). The lenght and the frequency of our coaching conversations is bespoke to your needs, designed to accelerate your progress and impact.
  • The Bulletproof Partnership (£16,000) . A year-long transformational experience that accelerates your personal and professional evolution.
  • In addition to continuous coaching partnerships, I offer focused, one-off coaching and strategy sessions, as well as accelerated learning experiences for SLTs, small groups and corporates. Please choose from the scheduling options available, click here.

Renata Kaminska

Entrepreneur, Author, and Speaker

Manuel quickly set me on a path to personal transformation, helping me develop self-awareness and insights. He has guided me in taking steps toward achieving both my professional and personal ambitions


One-on-One Coaching

Are you an ambitious leader looking to elevate your impact, performance and overall quality of life? This is a tailored coaching service through which you'll gain timely access to powerful tools, insights, and resources.


Do you want to inspire and uplift your audience while reinforcing your company's purpose? My talks cover a range of compelling topics, including leadership in times of change, resilience, and goal-setting. Audience members will leave feeling motivated and aligned with your organizational values.


Are you a coach or service provider aiming to build your personal brand? Through this specialized mentoring programme, you'll gain access to the Bulletproof Advantage®—a comprehensive roadmap designed to help you establish yourself as an expert in your field.

Upskill Your Leadership Team

Are you looking to foster a transformative organizational culture? I coach senior leaders to articulate compelling visions and align their actions with the organization's core values and purpose. Your team will gain the confidence to proactively shape your company's culture.

Bernadette Donnelly

Founder of Fearless Coaching

Manuel is an outstanding coach, and mentor. I would recommend him to anyone that must change to remain viable now and in the future.