Facts and Interests

  • After leaving home at 19, a combination of fortunate events—including winning a sports bet and receiving academic scholarships—enabled me to travel, live, and work in Rome, Helsinki, and England before permanently relocating to the United Kingdom in 2008.

  • I have been a meditator for years and have spent considerable amounts of time with Eastern spiritual leaders and practitioners that have exposed me to the teachings of Buddhism, Hinduism, Mysticism, and the Yogic Sciences.
  • In my younger years, my aspiration was to become a professional footballer. I spent considerable time training and playing for the youth team of AC Tricase, participating in the Italian Serie C league.
  • I have a competitive streak in go-kart racing, a passion inspired by my father, a local rally car racer and enthusiast. Most of my youth was spent on racing tracks.
  • I have logged hundreds of hours training as a comedy improviser and have performed in various theaters throughout London.
  • Contrary to the typical Italian stereotype, I don't enjoy cooking. Instead, I prefer engaging in meaningful conversations with my guests.
  • I possess a discerning eye for art, beauty, and balance, along with a deep appreciation for classical music.
  • My new favorite film is 'American Symphony' by Matthew Heineman (2023). The story of the 11 Grammy Award musician Jon Baptiste, and his wife Suleika, and the parallel to Eastern spiritual traditions is impeccable.

Professional Qualifications and Awards

  • Coaching Practitioner - The Coaching Organisation / Association for Integrative Psychology (API)
  • Entrepreneurial Accelerator Key Person of Influence (KPI)
  • BSc Psychology & Organizational Change - La Sapienza (Rome)
  • Level 3 Award in Education & Training
  • MSc Marketing & International Management - Henley Business School
  • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants Certified (CIMA)
  • Vice President, Finance, and High Performance Awards
  • Served corporate clients in over ten sectors incl. Telecommunications, Academic, Marketing, FMCGs, IT, Staffing, Manufacturing, Hospitality, Distribution, Construction, Oil and Gas, Import / Export.
  • Ambassador for the Henley Centre for Leadership

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