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“When you merely fix a problem, it manifests in different disguises. However, when you outgrow the problem, you are ready to break through to the next level. Bigger and more audacious projects come your way, and you are ready to make an even greater impact."


Transformative Coaching

Are you resourceful, focused and ambitious? Do you have a no-matter what attitude? Are you an optimist? Do you do your best to protect your family and be a role model for others? Is growth, personal or your business, one of the most important aspects of your life? Are you self-reliant and unconventional in your approach?

But - despite all your achievements - do you sometimes find it difficult to trust others or struggle to have them join your direction of travel?

Do you have a secret dark side to your gifts that most people never see? Maybe others do not see your vision as clearly as you do and that frustrates you? Maybe you over rely on yourself to such an extent that you become isolated? Maybe you feel that your own definition of success is the wrong example for significant others you care about? Maybe you are frustrated when others do not act on your valuable insights the way you expect them to? Maybe you sometimes operate at such a high level and fast pace that you don't see how others struggle to help even when they try.

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What Most People Know About Me

I hold qualifications in Psychology and Management from three leading European universities: La Sapienza, Helsinki Yliopisto, and Henley Business School. In the earlier phase of my career, I gained recognition as an award-winning consultant, for my ability to accelerate the effectiveness of individuals and organisations.

Since 2016, I've coached individuals from widely diverse backgrounds, senior leaders in large corporations such as Shell, Oxford University Press, and Ashai, and SMEs across more than 10 industries worldwide. My clients include serial entrepreneurs, executives, senior leaders, wealth managers, and entrepreneurial professionals.

As one of the 2023 winners of the 'Leadership for a Fairer World' contest, I serve as an Ambassador for the Henley Centre for Leadership at Henley Business School. My perspectives have been featured in British national publications, the likes of The Guardian, Metro, and The I Paper, as well as Brainz Magazine, and The Sunday Post. I author the newsletter 'One Step Forward' and have been a guest speaker for organisations including JCI London (Chamber of Commerce), UCL (Save The Children), the UA in UK Fashion and Beauty Community. My talks have been described as "very insightful and even necessary during such challenging times."


What Only a Few People Know About Me

I grew up in a family of brick-and-mortar business owners in a small Southern Italian town.

During the 1980s and 1990s, the area was particularly challenging for business owners, due to corruption, organised crime, and limited access to business education and support. These experiences profoundly influenced my views and interests in human psychology, entrepreneurship and adaptive leadership in complex environments.

I have cultivated deep expertise at the intersection of human performance, wellbeing and the mechanics of evolving businesses. Through my work and direct experience, I've discovered how conventional thinking is the most formidable barrier to accelerated growth and transformation. I've also observed how a leader's ambition and willingness to take personal responsibility can lead to self-doubt, attempts to control circumstances, and strained relationships.

To transition from good to extraordinary, one must learn the distinctions to operate at a higher level of thinking.


Clarity is the precondition of accelerated progress, resilience and resourcefulness. You will experience a sense of calm, yet inspired confidence.


World-class leaders are smart learners. They seek insight, depth, and transformation rather than exposure to information. You will experience breaking through to higher levels of thinking.


Accelerated impact occurs when we operate at a higher level of performance, while resourcefully mobilising resources. You will enhance your ability to lead and inspire.

Even the grandest of rooms such as the Tea Lounge at the Claremont Hotel Victoria, London can be filled with joy motivation as you listen to Manuel. We at JCI London were very pleased as Manuel joined our Gala on Saturday and gave a speech. Manuel shared his unique expertise with JCI presidents, senators, board directors and others. In his speech, Manuel shared the three important lessons that have helped him overcome countless setbacks and we all found them very insightful and even necessary during such hard times. Thank you very Manuel for joining us and we are very looking forward to future collaborations.

Ali Zein Ahmad - JCI London Director of Business Development

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Renata Kaminska

Author & Entrepreneur

"Manuel quickly set me on a path to personal transformation, helping me develop self-awareness and realise both professional and personal ambitions"

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"..I highly recommend Manuel as an inspiring, professional and motivational speaker. We look forward to future collaborations"

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Chief Information Officer

"You have truly helped to build a Brand that has created an Identity and underpins the new IS organisations capability"