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Manuel Giudice - Life and Executive Coach, Speaker

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“What got you here, won't get you there"

- Marshall Goldsmith -

What most people know about me

Qualified in Psychology and Management, from three leading European Universities (La Sapienza, Helsinki Yliopisto and Henley Business School), during the earlier part of my career I was recognised as an award-winning coach and consultant, for my ability to transform individuals and organisations.

Since 2016, I have built a successful coaching and consulting business, working with individuals from many different walks of life, senior leaders in large organisations (the likes of Shell, Oxford University Press, Verizon) across the globe, and SMEs in over 10 industries. I coached serial entrepreneurs, Executives, senior leaders, wealth managers, professionals.

The 2023 winner of the 'Leadership for a Fairer World' contest I have become an Ambassador for the Henley Centre for Leadership (Henley Business School). My views have been featured in the British national newspapers The Guardian, Metro and The I Paper, Brainz Magazine, The Sunday Post, and BTN.tv. I am the author of the newsletter 'One Step Forward', and was invited to speak for JCI London (Chamber of Commerce), UCL (Save The Children), UA in UK Fashion and Beauty Community, and the Positive Nature Network. My talks were described as '..very insightful and even necessary during such hard times".

What only few people know about me

I grew up in a family of brick-and-mortar business owners in a small town in Southern Italy.

In the 80s and 90s the area was particularly challenging for business owners due to corruption and organised crime, very limited business support and education. These, and later experiences, shaped my views and interests in entrepreneurship, human psychology and how to lead self and others through changing and complex circumstances.

I developed deep expertise at the intersection of human behavior and the mechanics of a growing business. I have learned about the importance of daily micro decisions, and how conventional thinking is often the greatest obstacle to long term growth and purpose-driven leadership.

I also learned about how ambition, the willingness to take personal responsibility, and leaning on the edge can lead to self-doubt, attempt controlling the circumstances, and sometimes strain important relationships, all of which can get in the way of making tangible progress.

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Deep Coaching

What I do is Deep Coaching. Coaching is a powerful partnership that transforms the way you see your world. As a result your entire world changes and you begin to notice immediate change. I am here to serve you, not please you. I do that by challenging your best thinking, holding you accountable to a greater vision for yourself, believing in you when the world around doesn't, and by sharing world-class distinctions that accelerate your progress and impact.

If you are a high level leader and are ready to make an even greater impact, let's have a conversation



Clarity in a complex world is a necessary precondition to accelerate progress, evolve and make a greater impact.


By updating your inner 'map of the world' and acquiring powerful new distinctions you become tremendously more accurate, receptive and experience immediate change, and an uplift in energy and focus.


Impactful leadership is a place we come from, not a place we get to. Through deep coaching you become aware of new opportunities and synergies and you will mobilise impactful change.

Even the grandest of rooms such as the Tea Lounge at the Claremont Hotel Victoria, London can be filled with joy motivation as you listen to Manuel. We at JCI London were very pleased as Manuel joined our Gala on Saturday and gave a speech. Manuel shared his unique expertise with JCI presidents, senators, board directors and others. In his speech, Manuel shared the 3 important lessons that have helped him overcome countless setbacks and we all found them very insightful and even necessary during such hard times. Thank you very Manuel for joining us and we are very looking forward to future collaborations.

Ali Zein Ahmad - JCI London Director of Business Development

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Graeme Slater

Chief Information Officer (Asahi)

"You have truly helped to build a Brand that has created an Identity and underpins the new IS organisations capability"

Aleksandra Volkova

Fashion & Beauty Entrepreneur

"..I highly recommend Manuel as an inspiring, professional and motivational speaker. We look forward to future collaborations"

Jennie B.

Creative Entrepreneur

"Having Manuel as a Coach has helped provide clarity and direction on my purpose. The intense support has helped me immensely. I would highly recommend him as a Coach"